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How to Load Your ET Config(updated)
Introduction: Hello i'm going to be helping you load your personalized ET config in 5 easy steps! what we are going to do is show you how to load and example config in that you can possibly use to enhance your gameplay.

Explanation: What is a Configuration file (.cfg) in ET and what is it for? A configuration file or .cfg in this case is a file that contains your in-game controls and graphical settings, when you first load in ET there will be a default config(etconfig.cfg) in your etmain folder which is located in your Wolfenstein Enemy Territory folder which is located in you C: drive (C:\Program files x86\Wolfenstein Enemy Territory). Here is an example config for you to try(in the attachments[Image: smile.png])
Download this file and drag it to your desktop
Right click on the file and select "Rename"
change the name to anything you want

5 easy steps to to load your config:

Step one: Place the yourname.cfg file into your etmain folder
[Image: 1589452037_Annotation%202020-05-13%20221651.jpg]             [Image: 1589452580_Annotation%202020-05-14%20062936.jpg]
Step two:  Start Enemy Territory and open the console by pressing your "~" key under your "ESC" and to the left of your "1" key
[Image: 1589452881_Annotation%202020-05-14%20062936.jpg]
Step Three: In the console type in /connect to connect to the server
[Image: 1589452623_Annotation%202020-05-04%20153655.jpg]
Step Four: Once your loaded into the server press your "~" key which is under your "ESC" key and left from your "1" key 
[Image: 1589453013_Annotation%202020-05-14%20062936%20(1).jpg]
Step Five:  Type /exec yourname.cfg into the console and press enter( this will be the name that you have your file set to not zpoint)
[Image: 1589453067_Annotation%202020-05-14%20062936.jpg]
Step Six: Your custom config is now loaded! and your done! if you need any help with your custom config please contact any admin or founder for help.

Here are a few good site to get new config's to try out:

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